Don’t Hold Back.

A few nights ago I missed out on a freakin’ awesome concert. One of my favorite bands, Incubus, was playing nearby. My wonderful friend shared some amazing videos with me. And I had to miss it – all because of work.

I’m currently working a bajillion jobs (just kiddinggg, only 3 for now!), and because of my situation I tend to miss out on some fun experiences or simply can’t make plans because of my schedule. Unfortunately working a lot is something I have to do right now, but that doesn’t make it any less of a bummer at times.

In the past I have had other situations aside from work hold me back. Anxiety, my eating disorder, my workout schedule, caring for Reilly, lack of money. I’m sure plenty of people can relate. It’s understandable to have to miss out every once in a while. But all the time or when it is somewhat self imposed? That is something that needs to be worked on!

Working, spending time with family, exercising, these are all important parts of my life. They fill me up in a certain way. They keep me going, make me happy and fulfilled, and they help me get through my day to day life. They are absolutely necessary.

But so is taking time for myself and having fun (whatever your individual definition of fun is).

It’s also important to do your best to not let other things get in your way, like fear of the way you look, not knowing how to do something (like rock climbing or playing pool), and overcoming social anxieties (slowly and steadily).

Life has so much to offer each of us, unique to every person. Being closed off, staying home all the time, it’s impossible to connect with others, whether to network or build a friendship, or to be presented with any opportunities.

I am finally learning this truth for myself. I have been introverted my entire life. I would go out with close friends but as I got older I retreated to the safety of my home. I became content to stay in alone. And I am not saying there is anything wrong with that because I do still very much enjoy my alone time.

The more I climb out of my shell, the more I interact with others, the more engaged I am with the world outside of myself, I am recognizing the value in these connections and experiences.

Slowly friendships are being built, business opportunities are arising, my confidence is increasing, and I feel more fulfilled. All because I decided to start looking up, making eye contact, leaving comments, greeting others, and leaving the house.

There is a world beyond imagination if you are willing to drop some of your inhibitions and go exploring.

No longer will I cut myself off from all there is to be offered to me, and I’ll do it by simply being more open. Open minded and open-hearted.


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