Defeating Fear.

 A dear friend recently relayed a quote to me, which I instantly wrote down and stuck on my desk. It was, “You can have fear or faith but not both.”

I had to think on it for a while in order to understand how it relates to me personally. I have fear but peeking through I also have faith in myself. Is it possible to have both? Can there be a healthy balance of both?

The answer is no. No, there cannot be.

Fear holds you back. It restrains you. It lies to you. It keeps you in a safe zone. It breeds further insecurities.

No progress can be made when living in fear.

Faith, however, propels you. Faith makes no promises other than to be there for you when you fail. Faith will lift you up, dust you off, and push you onward.  It will foster creativity. Faith will help you reach your full potential.

I’m talking faith in yourself. Faith in potentiality. Faith in the goodness of the unknown.

So, no I don’t believe you can have both the positive and the negative. You have one which overtakes the other.

Which will you choose?


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