21 Day Fix – Day One

Ahh, Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix is done! It was the cardio fix workout, and it kicked my ass!

I read a little about the actual workouts online, but I still wasn’t sure what I was in for. The exercises themselves are not complicated but they are tough. And cardio is not my strong suit, especially after running Sunday for the first time in forever and having tight hips. But I made it through!

I think what I liked best about Cardio Fix is the mixture of cardio and weights. Each exercise lasts only a minute (I say only as if it doesn’t feel like the longest minute in history). The exercises are challenging and fun.

Autumn Calabrese is super motivational throughout the entire video. And not in a cheesy way. She really pushes you to keep going, to challenge your limits, and to get the job done.

Having also done Insanity, I have to say I really like the quality of trainers and programs Beach Body has to offer. They are definitely not easy but they aren’t only for the fittest of the fit. There are modifications shown in 21 Day Fix which helped because my legs can only take so much jumping and shuffling. And I was dripping sweat by the end.

All I needed to get started was a set of light weights and a yoga or exercise mat along with the DVD. That’s it!

I absolutely love weight lifting, but I like the workout this gave me. It was really convenient and, being only 30 minutes, it was easy to fit into my schedule. I’m definitely looking forward to getting through the rest of the workouts!

As far as the portioning went, I was nervous at first. The containers look so small!!! I was almost certain I ate far more than what I would be allotted on the program. Surprisingly I was wrong.

Pretty much everything I eat fits into my allotted amount of containers each day (save for veggies because I eat way more). I did have to add in an extra half of a piece of fruit after my workout while I drank my protein shake because I felt a little light headed. I wasn’t hungry before working out but still had more food I needed to eat for the day so I figured a shake was the way to get in my last protein.

I do, however, have to be very very careful when it comes to following any sort of meal plan. I can still have that all or nothing mentality at times, and it tends to lead toward restriction if I am not conscious of what I am doing. I certainly do not want to send myself back into relapse so I have to remind myself that it is perfectly ok to modify this program to better suit me.

For anyone who decides to try this program or is thinking about it, don’t think you HAVE to follow the plan to a T. Of course you don’t want to overeat or eat garbage. Simply pay attention to your body and its needs. Being too far into caloric deficit won’t do you any good either. Be smart about it! If you decide to only follow the exercise program that is ok, too. Your results may not be as great but you should still see changes as long as you are eating well.

Overall I already love this program. I really feel as though it is going to be that push to get me out of this plateau, and I will finally start to see my body change more.

I’m going to update every few days to keep track of my progress, and hopefully by the end I will have some bad ass Before & After pictures to share!

My Before, taken 6/12/15:



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