A Light Goes Off – An AHA! Moment

I had this sort of epiphany a few days ago. I’ve been feeling a little stuck in my situation, and sometimes I think it tends to push me to grasp at straws. Take the next best thing to come along knowing it is only a band aid for what the real issue is.

Real issue: Working too many unfulfilling jobs.
Solution: Work hard toward living my dream life.

This thought popped into my head suddenly asking where I could be of service. The thought encouraged me to run in that direction, speed toward a place in this world where I can genuinely serve others, because I know living from that space will have me jumping out of bed every morning. It would truly set my soul on fire.

I am working on my solution every single day now, but for a while I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Getting training and coaching clients is hard for someone who has a tiny network and isn’t the greatest at striking up conversation. I continued to fall prey to the next band aid only to rip it off and reapply.

Then one day this Beach Body introduction popped up in my feed, and I decided to follow my curiosity. After days of watching videos, reading countless blog posts about the fun of the programs, and learning more about what the company truly had to offer, I decided it was the next step, only this time in the right direction.

Everyday I am on the Team Beach Body website learning more about how to get started. Everyday I am doing my workouts, drinking my Shakeology, and sharing my experience. It’s all I can do – and should do – to spark some interest in people.

This is only the start for me. Eventually I want to be able to not only offer Beach Body coaching, but for those not wanting to follow the BB programs I will offer one-on-one training and health and lifestyle coaching. Everything ties together with a nice shiny bow. This is my Start space. This is the spark to light the flame.

It’s a slow process, though, as it should be. Nothing good comes easily, and I don’t believe in overnight success.

I know I have to keep putting my efforts and energy into where I want to go and what I want to grow. By placing so much energy on finding another lateral move, I am taking away from the efforts I could be putting toward achieving my bigger goal.

I have decided to put my job search on hold for a few weeks in order to focus more on gaining coaching clients. It is, after all, where my passion lies, and it is what I hope to turn into a full time gig.

Eventually the successes will come. The finances will grow. And one by one the weight of the dead end jobs, the lack of sleep, and the stress will crumble around me.

Until then all I can do is keep it together, rely on my outlets to help me de-stress, and to always always stay focused forward.

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