When no one else believes in you, believe in yourself.

I have to repeat this to myself daily.

It’s not that I don’t have anyone who believes in me and what I am trying to do. Some are more vocal than others. It’s limited, though.

Most days I feel alone in my efforts. I have no one to go home to after a long day who will rub my back, hold me close, and, without a word, assure me things will get better. No one who is listening to my inner most desires and has a sparkle in their eye so full of belief it cannot be put into words.

There are no phone calls asking me what I am up to, how they can help, and wanting to know where I am headed next.

No one is looking at my tired eyes and understanding how broken I sometimes feel inside.

It’s just me, myself, and I.

And when no one else believes in me, I have to believe in myself.

I have to believe my efforts are not for naught. That I will make something of this life, and I was not put on this Earth to struggle and claw my way through.

I have to believe someone will come along and just get it. And me.

Because if I don’t keep on believing, how can I expect anyone else to believe a word I say or a thing I do?

It’s a tricky thing, though. It takes a lot of guts to believe in yourself, and it can be harder when you don’t have anyone else around helping to lift you up.

But you have got to really get down in there, dig deep into those dark corners of yourself, and pull out every ounce of faith you’ve got.

That is the only way to get ahead in this life.

Put your heart and soul into every single thing you do, no matter who is watching or who believes in it. Stand firm, plant yourself in it. Breathe life into it. Live for it.


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