The Learning Never Stops.

I had quite a fun weekend, ending on a sort of lower note, but it doesn’t take away from all it was.

I had to face a lot of personal fears these last few days. It was all very eye opening, made me question a lot about myself, and made me face some harsh realities. Continue reading


Hooray Monday!

Back on the grind today, but not without a recap and appreciation for the wonderful weekend I had.

Like every Monday, I am linking up with Katie over at Healthy Diva Life for another Marvelous In My Monday.

I have to really show appreciation for Katie. I have been following her blog for several years. I look forward to not only seeing the little tidbits about her life but also reading the honesty she shares about her highs and lows. She has been a great inspiration. Following her for all these years has proven to be fruitful as I have joined her Healthy Divas Beach Body team. I can’t wait to get started and see what opportunities this path brings me!

Now onto my goody goodness!

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Welcome Monday + BIG NEWS!

Oh, weekend, come back! It was so much fun. I finally got in some quality time with quality people. I needed that more than I knew. And I have some exciting news to share below!

Thanks to Katie for the MIMM link up every week!

I kicked off the weekend awesomely. My coworker and I went for lunch on the water after getting out on Friday. The weather was perfect. The food was great. The company was fun. It was an all around great way to enter the weekend. Continue reading

A Bump in the Road.

I wrote this while I was at work on Saturday, and it’s something raw and honest that I felt was worth sharing. I have been navigating some unsavory thoughts over the last few days. I am doing my very best to fight back as I certainly don’t want to fall into relapse.

Writing it down, getting it out of my system, and sharing it with othersĀ is a healthy release for me. It’s a positive step in the right direction., and well, that’s pretty marvelous.

Linking up with Katie for another:

I should know better. I absolutely should know better than to step on the scale and allow it to dictate my mood.

Since I have been working out consistently for a month I wanted to see how my progress was coming along. I knew I had already dropped a pound or two, and I was celebrating the little victory along the way. I knew this morning the number was not going to tick down, but I stepped on the scale anyway. Continue reading


Linking up with Katie over at Healthy Diva Life again for another Monday post!

It is weird that I don’t generally dread Mondays? I like starting a new week, seeing what comes my way, fulfilling plans, and making it through to another weekend. I actually have some wonderful plans next weekend so I am eager to get through the next five days!

I’m not quite sure I ever switched to “Off” since I was going non stop this weekend. I had errands to run after work on Friday. I worked all day Saturday. I had more errands and breakfast with my dad on Sunday. I never stopped. But I love being busy so it was almost perfect. Continue reading